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Rent your property to Staycaee

Process For Landlords

Submit your property for review

Upload some photos, location, number of bedrooms etc to help us initially screen your property.

Staycaee acquisition team will contact you

Our real estate analysts will reach out to give you a heads-up on the rental income levels you can expect by  leasing to staycaee.

Long lease to Staycaee

We will sign a long-lease agreement, stating the terms of our collaboration.

Interior Uplift

Our interior design team will paint and equip your apartment with premium furniture, bedding, kitchenware and tech gadgets to add value.

Contact Form

By submitting this form, you accept that your data will be securely stored and processed within our tools. Your data will be used with caution, aiming to give us a better understanding of your wants and needs as well as helping us to reach you with relevant information.

What makes Staycaee different

  • In-house proprietary technology with online seamless booking and payment system
  • In-house award winning designs – our staycee design team transforms your unfurnsihed apartment into a fully furnished and equipped beatiful accommodation ready to accommodate business execs and digital nomads.
  • Staycaee concierge – From airport transits to cleaning and laundry, we handle all our tenats requests seamlesssly via our website coupled with our staycaee whatsapp support group.

Benefits to landlords & property managers

Staycaee leases and furnishes high-quality properties and, subsequently, rents them out to digital nomads, business travelers on a medium to long-term basis.

Higher, Steady Yield

Rental income increase by reducing your vacancy rate. Staycaee is a long-term highly rated corporate tenant that will keep your apartment in excellent state of repair.

Value Appreciation

We will paint, furnish and upgrade your apartment, thus increase the value of your unit/s.

No Maintenance Hassle

No Maintenance Hassle

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